Jun 2018

Step one 

Measure interfaces of your watch .





A few common compatible smart watch widths:
20mm Width

-Huami bip --20mm
-Moto360 2nd Gen Men's 42mm -- 20mm
-Samsung Gear S2 Classic -- 20mm
-Pebble Round Large -- 20mm
-Fossil Q Gazer -- 20mm
-Pebble Time Round Large -- 20mm
-Withings Steel HR 40mm -- 20mm
-TICHWATCH 2 -- 20mm

22mm Width

Humi Amazfit 1/2/2s -- 22mm
-Moto360 2nd Gen 46mm 2015 -- 22mm
-Samsung Gear S3 Classic -- 22mm
-Samsung Gear S3 Frontier -- 22mm
-LG Urbane/R/G -- 22mm
-Asus Zenwatch WI500Q -- 22mm
-Asus Zenwatch 2 1.63" WI501Q -- 22mm
-Basis Peak Fitness Tracker Watch -- 22mm
-Cookoo Smart Watch -- 22mm
-Fossil Q Founder 2.0/Marshal/Wander/Crewmaster/Nate -- 22mm
-Martian Notifier Smart Watch -- 22mm
-PEBBLE watch/PEBBLE 2 watch -- 22mm
-PEBBLE Time/PEBBLE Time Steel -- 22mm
-Seiko SKX007 -- 22mm
-Vector Luna watch -- 22mm
-Vector Meridian -- 22mm
-Vostok Amphibian -- 22mm
24mm Width 
Compatible with Panerai style

38 mm Width 

Apple watch Series 1 / 2 / 3 --38mm

42 mm Width 

Apple Watch Series 1/ 2 / 3 --42mm


Step Two

What kind of Material would you like ? or will you wear the watch in what kind of occasion ?




PRO: Classic, formal, elegant, safe. Smells nice.

CON: If you are prone to perspiration, that nice smell can be replaced with a pretty terrible one.



PRO: Durable, formal, shiny, sometimes interesting from an engineering standpoint (see below).

CON: Occasionally pulls out arm hairs.

MORE ON THIS WATCHBAND: The MTM Special Ops Trigger uses a first-of-its-kind bracelet linked with ball bearings instead of pins, making the band much more flexible for a closer fit and no more pinched skin. The face, too, is impressively engineered: If you know you're going to be banging the watch around, you can rotate the bezel to raise it slightly to protect the crystal.



PRO: Casual, comfortable, washable (with a little soap and water), waterproof. sweatproof . It is suit for sport wearing.

CON: Inappropriate in most formal settings.


Fabric & Nylon

PRO: Casual, comfortable, washable, easy to swap out.

CON: Has a relatively short life span, could lead you to consider matching your watchband to your clothing.